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Light on the origins of Reiki


Light on the origins of Reiki

Le Reiki a été passablement transformé en traversant les générations et les continents. Ce qui est enseigné aujourd'hui est parfois bien loin des enseignements du fondateur, Mikao Usui Sensei. Tadao Yamaguchi a pu remonter aux origines du Reiki pour nous en présenter une approche simplifiée et plus authentique.  (En anglais)


Simplicity is key in Jikiden Reiki. (...) When your palms cover troubled areas you get sensations and these sensations change accordingly. For example, even though you are laying your hands on someone's shoulders Reiki automatically runs to, say, the kidneys, which for the receiver is a troubled area.




Most Western Reiki schools teach a basic twelve or more specific hand positions for treatments regardless of whether the spot is troubled or not, while, in Jikiden Reiki seminars, we guide students to place their hands according to the sensations in their palm. Thus there isn't any specific order in the hand positions. We do however consider the head the most important place to treat and it should never be skipped.