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Bliss Brain


Bliss Brain


Trouver la joie, la sérénité, le bien-être est le travail d'une vie d'introspection, de méditation et de transformation personnelle. C'est souvent une route longue et ardue à confronter plus d'échecs que de succès. Et si les neurosciences pouvaient nous montrer la voie vers des approches plus faciles, plus simples, plus directes?


"Those in the Bond University MRI study produced sunstantial brain function changes in just 5 hours spread over 14 days. Because EcoMeditation is science based, sending real time signals to your body, you're likely to feel different the very first time you try it.


Some who've followed the long and arduous path to bliss that I followed, using conventionnal pratices, sneer at EcoMeditation as a shortcut. Could all the laborious effort they put in have been a waste of time?


We had a research team on hand to perform a pilot study, and when the data came back from the lab, we were amazed at the results.

We measured cortisol, the master hormone of stress. We also measured secretory immunoglobulin A, SigA for short. SigA is a Y-shaped antibody molecule found in body fluids like saliva, mucus, tears, and sweat. It neutralizes invading viruses. (...) Levels of SigA are one measure of the strength of your immune system.

After the weekend, the baseline cortisol levels of the 34 participants dropped by 29%. Their levels of SigA rose by 27%, though the results were not statistically significant because of the small number of participants. Their resting heart rate, a measure of overall health, dropped by 5%, while their pain level decreased by 43%.

We also measured their psychological well-being, and found that anxiety and depression declined by over 25%. Happiness went up by 11%.